Going in the bush.

There is nothing worse than finding a great campsite and then finding the entire area festooned with toilet paper. It is not that hard to have a bit of bush etiquette.

When you need to pee.

Here blokes have it pretty cruisy. No instructions needed. Women have a few options. First you could use a ‘shewee’ or similar. There seem to be several different brands on the market these days. I’m yet to be convinced on the value of these but if you have used one I would like to hear about it.

If you prefer the squat and dab method just carry a ziplock bag and put the toilet paper in that when you are done. You can burn the paper if you have a fire or put it in your rubbish bag. Please do not flush a ziplock bag or put it in a long drop or composting toilet.

When you need to poop.

Use a toilet when you can, especially in areas where others may follow.

If there is no toilet available take a shovel and dig a hole…large enough for the business at hand. When you have finished your business burn the toilet paper in the hole only if it is safe to do so. Burying your toilet paper is not enough. Animals find your poo fascinating and will dig it up allowing the paper to blow around. If burning is not for you (it is definitely not for me – I would hate to have to explain that I started a bushfire with my pants down), use the same plastic bag method as above. One of the best methods I have seen is a small container of bags used for doggy poop attached to the bag of toilet paper. Small, convenient and always on hand. I keep the plastic bags under the floor mat. They don’t smell and are out of sight until I can dispose of properly.

Sanitary items

Use the plastic bag trick for these and store until you can dispose of your normal rubbish. Again, these items cause all sorts of problems to both flushing and pit toilets so please don’t ever flush them.

toilet bag