The Madigan Line


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Crossing the Northern Simpson Desert


The Madigan Line follows the route taken by Cecil Madigan’s exploratory crossing of the Simpson Desert in 1939. Unlike the southern tracks across the Simpson, which are all in South Australia, Madigan’s crossing was mostly in the Northern Territory. And also, unlike the French Line, WAA Line and Rig Road, there is no formed track for the Madigan Line – only 2 wheel lines just visible in the distance ahead.

Only a handful of 4×4 adventurers travel this way each year.

A convoy under the leadership of Vic Widman of Great Divide Tours assembled at Mt Dare to follow in the footsteps of Cecil Madigan’s expedition. After advice from Mt Dare’s owner, the group headed north to Old Andado for the beginning of their adventure.

The Madigan Line formally begins at Mac Clark Conservation Reserve, which protects a stand of Acacia peuce, an endangered wattle. These slow-growing trees are very long-lived but only produce seed after rare good rains.

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