The Disputed Country


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بازنگری سریع



This chronicles the story of the very first surveyed border in Australia. Between 1847 - 1850 saw an epic three year saga of dogged persistence through heavy rain and flooded swamps to harrowing escapes from the waterless mallee country. Then came the almost immediate destruction of huge sections of border makers by a devastating firestorm. The official nominated border was to have been on the 141st line of longitude, but it soon became clear that the border in practice was some kilometres west of this line. "The Disputed Country" being that thin slice of land between the intended border and the actual placement sparked a battle beginning in the courts and almost ended in civil war. More than a century and a half after our first surveyed border was meant to eliminate a lawless haven for criminals between two colonies, a "no-man's land" still exists between two states. This book also includes a guide to significant heritage sites along the border as well as detailed strip maps, prepared by Westprint. First published in 2004

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