Day 24

We are now back on the original Holland Track. The walking is okay but the corrugations are as hard to negotiate walking as they are driving. The vegetation changes every day. We are now back in the woodlands, with hills and rocky outcrops. We didn’t walk as far in the afternoon. I think everyone was aware that yesterday’s walk was too far.

Had lunch at Victoria Rock. That means 47km to go. Maybe Sunday evening.

Day 25

The parents took pity on my homesickness again and drove to Coolgardie so I could get a text from home. (They also brought back icecreams). Otherwise the day was unremarkable… until we watched the most glorious pink sky sunset and huge orange moonrise.

The next morning we were up early and rearing to go. I think we can sense a finish line. Now that we are nearly finished we are both managing the walk much better. The 14kms in the morning seems easy and it is just the last 5kms in the afternoon that make us really tired.

We walked to Gnarlbine Soak/Gnarlbine Rock for morning smoko. It was a shame to see the old well full of debris and rubbish. Great to walk around and over the rock. This is the official end to Holland’s Track. When John Holland came through there was already an existing track into Coolgardie.


We could finish now but we had already decided that our finish line would be the Coolgardie Post Office. While Judy and I are having a rest for a few minutes the rest of the crew have a game of bowls using some of the plentiful pie melons.

pie melons
Pie melon bowls

We had an easier afternoon, making camp about 14 kms from Coolgardie. Our last bush camp. It is a bit sad. We have been camping together for four weeks now. We are looking forward to a shower though.

last camp
Last camp

A few kilometres of scrubby woodland in the morning and then we are on the outskirts of town. We stop for our last chance to talk to a stumpy lizard and take a few photos before we head into town.

Stumpy tailed lizard

It feels very strange to be walking on footpaths again. We can see the post office in the distance. We have a welcoming committee. The regulars; John and Bev, Alan and Beryl, Rodger and our friends from Horsham who had camped with us earlier. They have the red flag that we looked for each afternoon as it marked our camp. They also have some flowers picked (with permission) from the local motel.

Finished …. at last

Coolgardie is an interesting old mining ghost town but I am way too homesick to explore. I just want to go home. After a month of being by ourselves it is a bit overwhelming. All these people. I can’t quite believe we have actually done this. Eighteen months in the planning, lots of work by the back up crew and now we are done.

After lunch we head to Kalgoorlie and book in to the caravan park for a much needed shower and change of clothes. Then we head to the pub for a Sunday roast meal that none of us has to squat over a camp fire to cook. Fundraising total $6000.

Holland track
Holland Track Map